What to do when you’re stuck at home because of Sandy

I was really excited when we got this day off of school, especially because we didn’t have a single one last year.  However, unlike a regular snow day, we can’t exactly go hang out in the crazy amount of snow that we usually have on snow days.  So what to do?

If you have power:

1) Watch a movie! Make popcorn, hot cocoa, get some blankets….

2) Go out – shopping, roller skating, etc.

3) Bake something yummy! Like pie….

4) Wear pajamas all day

5) Bubble Bath!

If you don’t have power….

1) Work on one of those crafts that you haven’t looked at in a while

2) Dance around in the rain

3) Go hang out with your friends

4) Play games with your family (maybe they are just as bored as you)

5) Get your homework done…. yes I know, eww

Sorry that this post is fairly short, post more ideas below!


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