Jenna Marbles

Uh oh… I just found a new obsession

Yesterday I was at my dear friend Phoebe’s house, and we were laughing at Hazel’s youtube account because it listed just about every Jenna Marbles video that every was.

And then we watched a Jenna Marbles video

And then we watched some more

And then we found out that if we just didn’t click on anything for a while the videos would just keep on going without any work on our part (one of my many weaknesses – if I don’t click anything, than I don’t have to make the active decision to procrastinate… I can just sit there).

And then I went home last night and instead of doing my summer reading like a good girl should, I started watching Jenna Marbles videos.  Which was really bad because it was like 2 in the morning and I still hadn’t done any work that day.

Although Jenna may have a trucker mouth 🙂

and be crazy (gotta love them crazy people)

I think I’m really addicted.  I kind of want to drive to wherever Jenna lives (Boston?) and convince her to make videos on Sundays AND Wednesdays, because today is Sunday (I think)

So ANYWAYS… go to Jenna Marble’s Youtube account for me and tell me I’m not crazy

But don’t tell me Jenna’s not crazy because that would be lying.


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