How to make curly hair more voluminous

How to turn hair that looks like this:

Into hair that looks like this:

(as in more voluminous, this isn’t about dying it or making it look shiny or anything)

Note: this method generally works for looser curls from semi-short to shoulder length, it may help for other lengths and curl types but I have not tried those yet.


1) Take a shower.  No you cannot just dampen your hair for this one, it doesn’t need to be washed but it needs to be really wet.  For best results use Aveda Curly Conditioner and Shampoo.

2) Towel your hair off (just a little) and brush it

3) Put your hair into 2-5 high ponytails, like this (for best results use Aveda Style Prep before and Aveda Curl Enhancer afterwards)

4) Wait until your head is semi-dry.  This is the tricky part, because if you wait too long your hair will look totally silly, and if you don’t wait long enough the trick won’t work.  The longer you keep it in the larger your curls will generally turn out to be.

5) Carefully pull out the ponytails and then flip your hair from side to side, but not over your head so as not to mess up the part

6) You’re going to have a bump in your hair.  Luckily, if you didn’t leave the ponytails in too long, the bump will go away.  Simply take your fingers and use them to disperse the bump – like so:


7) This might make your hair look flat again, so put your hands underneath your hair and gently move them back and forth to add more volume again… mess around with both actions until you get the shape you want.


8) Now use some sort of product (like Aveda’s Curl Enhancer) to make that frizz go away.  All done!



Try this hairstyle on a weekend that you’re just chillin’ at home first, so that if it doesn’t work out that first time, no harm done

If you left the ponytails in for too long and now have an ugly bump, sometimes dampening your hair with a spray bottle will allow it to recurl

As you do this hairstyle repeatedly, you will likely develop techniques that make it easier for you (everyone’s hair is different).  Please post anything new you learn below

You can blow dry your hair with the ponytails in, it’s better to use a diffuser, but I never do and I haven’t died yet

Enjoy your new hairstyle!


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