Back To School

If you’re any age between 5 and 18, there’s a good chance that in the next few weeks one of the most dreaded days of the year comes around.


And… there’s basically no way to stop it.

Besides jumping off a cliff, catching the next train to Kalamazoo (they have schools there too, people) or locking yourself in your room with a year’s supply of cheerios and milk (I’ve tried this, doesn’t work)

Every year, I go back to school and find out that I’m sitting next to the SAME PEOPLE as I was last year, stupid last name

And then you go and find your locker and it’s next to the smelliest trash can in the whole school

And guess what? Your homeroom teacher might look a little bit like this

just kidding, she’ll probably have gained some weight over the summer

SO….. What can you do to make this school year a little better?

1) Make your locker really awesome

LOCKER LAMP!! Seriously guys, it’s cute – admit it

Party in your locker!

Solves the problem of the really ugly orange locker (you know what I’m talking about)

2) Get some sharpies (okay fine, maybe this won’t actually help – but sharpies are fun!)

3) Are you taking art?

If so, make a book cover out of a pair of old jeans!

All you need is an old pair of jeans, a hot glue gun, and whatever else you want to throw on there!

(you can do this with any type of book, however the cover is permanent, so I don’t recommend using your $50 social studies textbook)

4) Have an end of summer/ back to school party with your friends!


Some of this stuff you can have fun with by yourself too!

1st day of school outfit shopping


Nails  (this person is the best

She has tons of other designs too!

Planning the school year

Go to the movies?

The beach?

The ocean, the lake, the river, whatever you have around town…

Make a scrapbook of last year – or start one for this year

Okay, yours can be a little more crazy

Dance party!

Create a friend journal for next year – where you write messages to each other, create quizes, draw pictures (trust me, they’re great keepsakes)

Have a movie marathon of something that you all love

Make a yummy summer drink/angel food parfait

5) Start getting up early, do it gradually though so you don’t crash

Yes, I know it sucks to get up early in the summer for no apparent reason BUT – then you have more time for enjoying your last days!

AND – you don’t feel/look like a zombie on the first day of school

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Have a great school year!


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