Phone Carrier Reviews – How to pay less than $10 a month for a phone.

Okay, so I know that this site isn’t really specifically for electronic’s reviews, but I have decided to make one anyways.  🙂

Our family isn’t really into paying $40 a month, per person for phones.

We’d much rather spend about $15 dollars, which of course, is a very difficult task

It means lots of research and time looking at phone carrier reviews like this one.



Net10 – expensive plans or bad phones

Platinumtel – cheapest plans with decent phones

Pageplus – cheap, non-functional phones

Consumer Cellular – $15-$20 phone plans, wide array of phones


My first phone was Net10.  I was very excited when I first got it, but unfortunately after about a year of it, it completely broke down.  I couldn’t download games. I couldn’t listen to radio, music took 15 minutes to load and sometimes sound just stopped working.  Of course, this was after my 1 year warranty was up, so the best the customer service lady could tell me to do was “you buy new phone”.  Not so helpful.

Now when I look back at all of the new Net10 phones, some of them look like something I would actually want to own – however, a $30/$50 plan is required for those models.  That’s just too expensive for me.



My second phone was a Platinumtel phone, and quite honestly, I loved it.  I ended up paying about $7 dollars a month.  I could look online and see where my phone minutes were going, customer service was helpful and the phone I purchased (Samsung Intercept) was great.  Unfortunately, I lost that phone and soon after, platinumtel stopped carrying it.  Sigh.  But, Platinumtel still has some of the best cheap phones for the lowest prices.


After my Samsung Intercept met it’s untimely end, I started researching cheap phone plans again, and found Pageplus.  That is, until I found out that the crappy phone Hazel has came from there.  She has a pageplus phone that half of the time doesn’t receive texts that you send it, and the other half of the time, does.  So if you were to send important information to her, she might not get it. (This happens quite frequently).



After a close call with a Pageplus, I looked around some more until I found Consumer Cellular.  Consumer Cellular does not have the cheapest cell phone plans, but the phones available are more high quality than the Platinumtel phones.  Iphone plans there are the cheapest I’ve seen.  You can buy an Iphone 3GS for $200, and pay $15-$20 a month, if you are a regular user.  So that’s what I’m ordering next week, for better or for worse.


Note – Consumer Cellular, Platinumtel ACRS and Net10 all allow you to bring your own phone into the plans, if it meets certain specifications.


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