Have you ever been at a sleepover – and maybe you stayed up a little too late?

Or you’re exhausted at any time of the day – and you’re getting a little brain dead?

At these times, often I will just fall asleep, collapse on the couch with a book and ignore all responsibilities

But sometimes I end up talking to someone else in this state – always a recipe for trouble

I either end up rolling around on the floor laughing inexplicably…

That’s me, except I’m worse

Or I end up coming up with some of my weirdest, and most profound statements

Okay, fine – mostly they’re just weird…

  • Phoebe – you look like a pumpkin rapunzel!
  • I’m flying up in a sky made of cotton bananas!
  • No! It’s my green bean! GIVE IT BACK!
  • Minnie Mouse! minnie you look like minnie mouse because you have ears on top of your head!!!!! (punctuated with laughter)
  • etc. etc. etc.

My sleep-deprived brain


But sometimes one can get a little more profound – like when you’re talking to just one person, late at night

It’s when most of my secrets tend to be told

*No, I’m not putting examples for this 🙂

Also, I tend to get a bit more profound and weird than usual

  • Phoebe – the only pillows you may not have are the ones that do not exist
  • Do you think that when we die, we stay as one human entity?
  • Love is a rain cloud and sunlight at the same time
  • Deja Vu, but it doesn’t happen when you do the same thing twice – only when you have the same feeling twice?

And so on…

What do you do when you’ve lost the ability to control you’re thoughts – and what comes out of your mouth?

Any embarrassing stories?

Is everyone else in this world totally normal – they just fall asleep when they’re tired?

Comment below!








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