Backwards Driving


Note – this post was co-written by Phoebe and I…

So yesterday, Phoebe and I were playing Mariokart… and failing badly.
It was kind of hilarious.
So we decided to beat the system… and fail on purpose.
And I guess if you just sit there and fail on purpose, the game never ends. It just keeps going until you actually, you know. Try. But that wasn’t gonna happen.
Well, actually we did try – we tried really hard and made it to the negative 10th lap. It was pretty impressive.

Despite that annoying little turn around sign that sits on your screen when you go the wrong way, you really can go backwards in Mariokart.
The only issue is the jumps… yeah that turns out to be a bit of a problem…
However – when you’re going backwards, a bunch of different options and tracks become available – like trying to travel on the gold cart track in Wario’s Gold Mine (it’s possible guys)
and exploring all the extra roads and areas of the track, because after all, the race does last forever.
Plus then you can annoy all the little comps that are still trying to win – and never will.
Don’t use the bullets though… they turn you around and make you go in the “right” direction.

*Do not try this in real life. This is only to be used for entertainment purposes in video games. Attempt of driving backwards in real life will probably result in accidents/crashes.


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